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Title :  Magnesium Malate - Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big
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Comments Magnesium Malate - Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

Lala Shelala
Looks yummy and I cant wait to try it.
Comment from : Lala Shelala

Colleen Baptiste
From Guyana.......I fry them whole then put them back in the skin and crush them hot, then put them back to fry......use to be my favorite food.
Comment from : Colleen Baptiste

Myriet Lewis
Real Rootsy Music! Dancing in day kitchen!
Comment from : Myriet Lewis

Miss Dor's daughter
I'm Jamaican also, and my mother used the leftover plantain skin to press the plantain instead of a towel.
Comment from : Miss Dor's daughter

Baby Virginia Aguiman Villaver Lacadin
Amazing ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ‘One of my Favorite snack Fry . but this my first time I saw raw green
banana planting thank You for Sharing and different way .๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ

Comment from : Baby Virginia Aguiman Villaver Lacadin

monica gowiebrowb
Mel its 3 peices onlu can have 3 halves
Comment from : monica gowiebrowb

Miguel Diaz
Plantings always good!
Comment from : Miguel Diaz

Judy Langdon
Yummm I love this I will try it looks delicious thank you for sharing
Comment from : Judy Langdon

Shalom! These plantains look very yuuuuuuumy! I have always wanted to know how to cook them and now I know just how to because of you. Thank you ad blessings to you and yours!
Comment from : missmamtube

Philo P
How can you have three halves?
Three pieces or thirds....
Thanks for the recipe...

Comment from : Philo P

Debbie Andrews
cut into 3 halves? smh
Comment from : Debbie Andrews

Juhn Leigh
Comment from : Juhn Leigh

Bianca Hotca
Do they have to be green? Can u use yellow plantain? What do u eat it with? Is there a certain sauce that can accompany it?
Comment from : Bianca Hotca

Latoyia Brown
I had mines without salt, and they were still good. I like the sweetness.
Comment from : Latoyia Brown

Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe
Young lady who told you that the Plantains needed SALT?
Comment from : Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

patricia Brooks
MMM looks delicious, Thank you.
Comment from : patricia Brooks

Marjorie Jonas
Looks good! better than frying ripe plantin which can get greasy
Comment from : Marjorie Jonas

Evert D.
Carrefour? Do you live in Belgium? or you have that shop in jamaica too?
kind regards from Belgium x

Comment from : Evert D.

Jacqueline Grant
You can't get 3 halves from one Plantain
Comment from : Jacqueline Grant

Debra De Cunha
One plantain into three halves ? Girl you need to check how you teach.
Comment from : Debra De Cunha

country girl
Hi Mel,jus subbed,I'm old school,I use my towels alot when I cook. If that is how its done,I will do the same.Read some of the comments, people are quick to tell you about healthy,but don't think healthy when going to a resturant,which does not clean anything ,they use worst than towels.BTW,I dry my chicken with a towel .. jus sayn
Comment from : country girl

yaola tarifa
Comment from : yaola tarifa

Not ripe enough
Comment from : maeu59

No1 Nicechick
Looks yummy .
Green plantain is too dry

Comment from : No1 Nicechick

Ladi Virgo
Are those the sweet ones
Comment from : Ladi Virgo

T Jamal
why cant you just cut them at an angle to achieve the smaller slices?
Comment from : T Jamal

Alveta Mitchell
love love plantains thanks I really learn something good.
Comment from : Alveta Mitchell

Milcent Andisi
Too much manipulation of the food can easily be contaminated no thanks
Comment from : Milcent Andisi

Spurlin Edwards
Thank you very much, that was excellent
Comment from : Spurlin Edwards

The Popcorn Kit
Comment from : The Popcorn Kit

maggie Brice
Three halves?
Comment from : maggie Brice

Sharon Simon
Those were the days when you cook with a wood fire outside, get up at 5 am to go to the river to get water for cooking and cleaning and you bathe while you are there u gotta go to school as well, and you drink tea from a sweet milk can as a cup, and use gourd to dip up water, and cheese pan with the coffee or tea thatโ€™s the pot then banana leaf is the plate, and grand father use banana string as belt good old days, good old days no video games, no tv.
Comment from : Sharon Simon

Jacqueline Cheney
Hey I always wondered how to flattened them thanks
Comment from : Jacqueline Cheney

Sharon Simon
I come from swift river Portland, my grand father use banana leaf
Comment from : Sharon Simon

Sharon Simon
Not three halfโ€™s darling thirds
Comment from : Sharon Simon

mena hops
Wow how u know it help me bc its crazy my family is Hispanic background a d i never knew this secret. Now i don't have to buy them anymore thanks love. This video is๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ
Comment from : mena hops

Paula Barnett
Looks delicious
Comment from : Paula Barnett

yvonne ottley
looks delicous will try it today . i make fried ripe plantain sandwich also but will try it your way thanks for shareing
Comment from : yvonne ottley

Rockabilly Roadkill
Best video I've seen thanks for sharing this technique x
Comment from : Rockabilly Roadkill

I Fletcher
My mother use to soak the plantain in salt water before then she would cover the pot and would press them between the plaintain skin ,mess free ,lint free and no towel to wash after..
Comment from : I Fletcher

50sherron Hamilton
Don't forget to subscribe love your cooking channel
Comment from : 50sherron Hamilton

Mary Avila
beautiful yummy
Comment from : Mary Avila

Georgina Lopez
Sensational! I have learned another method to prepare it.
Iโ€™m from Cuba and all cubans adore the bananas, plantains.

Comment from : Georgina Lopez

Why not press them in plastic foil or bag, seems it would be less messier and less to clean :).
Comment from : alexxander

Novel Maker
Hello Mel,
Iโ€™m in Louisiana. I cook the yellow plantains in butter and sweeten them with nutmeg and brown sugar. They cook in a buttery sweet sauce , then I add rum and serve them over vanilla ice cream. Thanks for sharing!

Comment from : Novel Maker

Mellen Ondieki
That is too much oil,it will give you result of obesity lady..cook as usual. I in USA.
Comment from : Mellen Ondieki

Monica B
i soak in adobo water before i fry them and than i sprinkle alittle of adobo and garlic powder after they're done frying โค๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™Œ
Comment from : Monica B

Guycan Gold
This is exactly why I'm so careful of whom I eat from. Lady there's something called parchment paper. Then she's going to go wash the towel with detergent for next time
Comment from : Guycan Gold

Tina Butterfly
Thanks for sharing Mel. I definitely subscribed. I can't wait to cook plantains for the first time.
Comment from : Tina Butterfly

Tina Butterfly
Thanks for the video. And also thanks to the commenters. I have learned a lot here. One thing I learned from watching some Puerto Rican friends cook plantains, is that they soaked their sliced plantains in salt water first to extract the starch out. Much like how I soak rice or dry pasta first to get the excess starch out before I cook it.
Comment from : Tina Butterfly

June Reid



Comment from : June Reid

Emperess Qrystena
Comment from : Emperess Qrystena

birdy elke
All those story for frying plantain? Wow...
Comment from : birdy elke

Joy Simpson
We jamaican dont put plantrin to press plrntian we put it back in the skin then press it sprinkle a little salt on it then put it back in the pot let it fry again until it is crispy towel is very unhygienic to used towel a weh yu get yu sintng from weh noh doh it soh
Comment from : Joy Simpson

sharon bartley
Everybody do their thing different.
Comment from : sharon bartley

Orlanzo Ricketts
How do you get 3 halves?
Comment from : Orlanzo Ricketts

Anton Zigando
why would you preheat the pan before putting oil in
Comment from : Anton Zigando

Tina R
I enjoyed your video! Please excuse my ignorance, but are they sweet?
Comment from : Tina R

Elena Celeste
I would use parchment or wax paper. B'c towels have soap residue and lints.
Comment from : Elena Celeste

Sassy Critic Beauty
I'm definitely going to try this!
Comment from : Sassy Critic Beauty

Michele Yong
l will definitely use parchment paper or plastic sheets instead of a towel.
Comment from : Michele Yong

Can salt be substitute it or why is the salt include it ?
Comment from : C F

Alinet Mkandawire
Wow am loving this guys ..
Comment from : Alinet Mkandawire

Cherry-Ann Williams
You can also fry the ripe ones and use them with bread to make a sandwich.
Comment from : Cherry-Ann Williams

Cherry-Ann Williams
Just slice them really, really thin, fry once, then sprinkle with salt and you're all done.
Comment from : Cherry-Ann Williams

Josie Marrero
Making these NOW. Subscribed thanks.
Comment from : Josie Marrero

Lee Steal
Don't put your plantains in cold oil. It will make them greasy.
Comment from : Lee Steal

Roberta Lawson
Hi Mel, nice to meet you and your channel. As anglo-jamaican who loves to EAT but ain't gr8 at the cooking, this is really good for me. However, can you not skip steps, ie.. From green plantain to peeled plantain, how did that happen? What's ur technique or advice? If you have another clip which shows these kinda skills, please add a link. Also what is the significance of flattening the plantain? And, I don't mean to be predantic, but you can't cut a plantain in 3 halves, it must be thirds. I understood what you meant, but just for clarity.
Comment from : Roberta Lawson

Navindra Lall
This is the most stupid way I ever saw plantain is being fried.
Comment from : Navindra Lall

Rommel Bautista
I have fried plantains often when my mother had her stroke... What does slight cooking and the flattening of the plantains do specifically that's different than just cooking then until golden brown? I'm a total newb when it comes to cooking... So this is a newb inquiry... Thanks
Comment from : Rommel Bautista

iron lion zion
bless up
Comment from : iron lion zion

Mrs. Fluffy
Beautifully done โœ…. Yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹
Comment from : Mrs. Fluffy

Marza Baig
No se llama " plantain " se llama "PLATANO" PLA TA NO..
Comment from : Marza Baig

it's not 3 halves it's just thirds or 3 equal pieces. You say cut it into thirds or three equal pieces but not three halves.
Comment from : Diana

You should use the plantain skin instead of the towel. Towels can be unsanitary. So I suggest you stop using the towel. Not good:(
Comment from : lorin80

yep I'm tray
I love when they break apart
Comment from : yep I'm tray

Denise sweets !!
yummy it's looks very delicious recipe thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Denise sweets !!

mohammed bashir
thank you so much sister, your video is very inspiring really awesome.
Comment from : mohammed bashir

Rossetta  Ennis
Great job ive been doing it this way like forever and im the queen of press plantain i even have my special towel and no lint is transfer
Comment from : Rossetta Ennis

Feyi Reju
It doesn't worth the trouble. Whats the point for pressing with that cloth? Wow can't believe you fried it the 2nd time. Spare me the trouble. Am out
Comment from : Feyi Reju

David Jones
I am going to make plantain for the first time today. I will definitely use wax paper when pressing the plantains flat. If you do a video on oxtails I will subscribe.
Comment from : David Jones

Ranks Productions
Lovely very nice love those Plantains๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ
Comment from : Ranks Productions

Angela Williams
Use waxed paper on the towel it will make it easier.

Comment from : Angela Williams

Jayla Dennis
Leon yoo paper towels have Bleach in them. Stay natural.
Comment from : Jayla Dennis

Nida Lacambra
Sarap my friend.
Thanks my friend.

Comment from : Nida Lacambra

Laika Jones
3 halves hahahshhhshahajjjsjajaja lolj
Comment from : Laika Jones

Nina K
Thanks you very much
Comment from : Nina K

sarah sissoko
who do not own how to make it like come on
Comment from : sarah sissoko

roadtrip usa
Nice video sis puydi pala yan prito kahit hilaw
Comment from : roadtrip usa

Deana Frazer
thank for video i help me a 13 year old
Comment from : Deana Frazer

Debra Young
Hello Mel, thank you for the recipe. Can provide a recipe for fry salt fish with pickle onions. My Jamaican girlfriend (rip) used to make this for me. I never noticed how she did the fry saltfish.
Comment from : Debra Young

Billy Misir
You donโ€™t have 3 halves.... you can only have TWO. YOU MEAN THIRDS. MY FAVOURITE!! Mum would fry some plantain when l was unwell. Sweet memories โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ. I am now 77 and she is in heaven...... bless her!!!!
Comment from : Billy Misir

Jamila Maddox
Canโ€™t wait to make them ๐Ÿ’›
Comment from : Jamila Maddox

Betty Diggs
Would you cook the ripe plantans the same way? I want to try some.
Comment from : Betty Diggs

Excellent video. Thank you
Comment from : BananaJSSI

Terrence Kelly
Cant wait to try this I just bought some palantin!!
Comment from : Terrence Kelly

Wanjiru Waiharo
You have such a beautiful accent. Makes me feel like dancing :)
Comment from : Wanjiru Waiharo

P Lecky
Your voice is made for broadcasting smooth & clear like the oil u pouring. Ok I c where I go wrong I don't slice it I just uses the 1/3's pieces & smash
Comment from : P Lecky

Lady Doc
Thank you so much! I got plantain by mistake now I know what I am going to do! Love your simple easy way of explaining your music is lovely and accent too!
Comment from : Lady Doc

I LOVE the fact that you told & showed STEP BY STEP IN DETAIL with GREAT VIEWING on what to do & what to expect. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
and i love your culture accent๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment from : tyray1331

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